Alfaisal University Faculty Members from Colleges of Business, Science and Engineering Visit Saudi Aramco Consulting Services Department and Research & Development Centre in Dhahran

Saudi Aramco Research & Development Centre (R&DC) recently signed three research contracts with Alfaisal University College of Engineering.  As a follow up to this event, fifteen Alfaisal faculty members from the Colleges of Business, Science & General Studies and Engineering visited Saudi Aramco Consulting Services Department (CSD) and R&DC in Dhahran on Wednesday 26 September 2012 to discuss consultation services and additional research collaboration. Four general types of areas were identified for further cooperation; research & technology, sabbaticals, student summer internships at Saudi Aramco, and sponsorship of chairs by bringing in foreign experts to local universities to interact with students and conduct research relevant to Saudi Aramco. Dr. Gilles Cormier, the Acting Dean from the College of Engineering at Alfaisal University said that “we are very proud to be able to interact with Saudi Aramco and to help the company to generate new intellectual property (IP) in areas of strategic concern to the Kingdom.”  The Manager of Saudi Aramco’s CSD, Dr. Omar Abdul-Hamid, said that “we appreciate the engagement with Alfaisal Univeristy to explore technology testing and development collaborations in Engineering disciplines of interest to CSD.” The visit concluded with a tour of the R&DC.