Alfaisal University & Siemens Celebrate New Partnership

Alfaisal University signed an MoU with Siemens today to provide workshops and courses in line with Radiology and Biotechnology. Siemens has a long standing association with many of the world’s leading universities. Collaboration with universities ranges from joint research programs to development of new qualifications to meet future demands, to providing industry placements as an integral part of education programs.

Siemens have chosen to partner with Alfaisal due to the presence of highly research orientated faculty, high caliber students and a very successful Medical College. Siemens is planning to contribute to education and training in the field for personnel involving Health Care and Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia and this partnership will provide Siemens with the platform to train personnel. Speaking about the partnership with Alfaisal University’s Dean College of Medicine Dr. Khaled M. AlKattan and Dr. Annas Zarei of Siemen’s group. “We are delighted to celebrate our collaboration with Alfaisal University.

Siemens has a very long heritage of innovation in the Kingdom, which has helped to make us one of the country’s leading companies. “We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the University and working together on projects that will help keep the Kingdom at the forefront of technology innovation.” Alfaisal University has also thanked Siemens for their kind donation of state of the art ultrasound equipment. The machine will be utilized in the undergraduate courses in ultra sonography for medical students which is now an important tool for ant medical student Dr. Khaled Kattan, Dean of the College of Medicine, at Alfaisal University, added: “This is a very exciting collaboration between Alfaisal University and Siemens. Siemens has been very active in Saudi Arabia for over 75 years and from the very beginning contributed significantly to the development country’s infrastructure. It is also a major force in many other sectors such as healthcare and energy, research areas in which the University has a wealth of expertise.