Northrop Educational Tour, Internship/Externship Opportunities

The College of Engineering (CoE) hosted a Northrop Grumman event on Monday February 1st, 2016. The event was entitled “Northrop Educational tour, Internship/Externship Opportunities”. Students from the 5 CoE departments attended the event with faculty members and the Dean of the college Dr Nidal Nasser.

The presenter, Colonel Carl Williamson (Director, Business Development, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Northrop Grumman Information Systems) talked about the Northrop Grumman and its division in the Kingdom, talked about cyber security threats, cyber awareness.

Colonel Carl engaged the students in his presentation followed by Q&A session on the male and female sides. Then, 4 students from each gender were selected for an internship interview with Colonel Carl and Eng. Amr Al Otaishan.

Dean Nidal said that “This is a great event for our students to get engaged and opportunities for training with international top company like Northrop Grumman. The students were introduced in a very professional interaction session to new knowledge of cyber security and threats.”