Discover Engineering: Let’s make a difference

The College of Engineering (CoE) hosted a seminar entitled “Discover Engineering: Let’s Make A difference” on Tuesday February 23rd, 2016. The president and vice president of the university, Acting Dean of the college of Engineering Dr Nidal Nasser along with faculties, students from all the university attended the event.

The presenter Dr. Naveed Hussain (Vice President of Aeromechanics Technology, BOEING Research & Technology) talked about how and why engineering is important in our daily lives. He talked about the history of the Boeing Company in general and the way the they conduct research through simulation in order to minimise the cost in terms of budgets and in terms of safety.

Dr Hussain emphasised on the innovation era and how our society thrive for current and future generation of engineers, how to enhance student interest in engineering, science, and technology entrepreneurship?

Dr Hussain engaged the audience in his presentation followed by Q&A session from the male and female sides.