Computer Science Week

The ClickIT Club began their week long events of computer science week on Dec 4th, the opening event was an introductory programing workshop open to all students from Alfaisal.

The work shop offered a broad introduction to programing in general, the aim was to introduce students to programing, and motivate non software engineering students to start coding. The event was very well received by the student body, with full attendance for both male and female students.

The following day students from Alfaisal took an educational tour of IBM (International Business Machines) on 5th December.  IBM is one of the world’s largest information technology companies, providing a wide spectrum of hardware, software and smart city services.

The tour was very educational in introducing the students to the software of Bluemix; an Open Cloud Architecture service. The IBM team was very engaging in answering the students’ questions throughout the tour.

The second workshop to be held was the “Create Your Own Website”. The students had the chance to create their own website during the two-day event. The event was met with the same enthusiasm as the previous events with many students and faculty attending.

The last event to mark the end of the week was a public debate were two teams discussed the idea of independent AI behavior from a human perspective.

The title of the debate was “Upcoming Apocalypse!” with both males and females each representing a different side of the topic.

The focus of the debate revolved around the types of recognized intelligence being that of human and Artificial kind.

The event concluded with a close victory by the female team earning certificates and a prize of 700 SAR, following the awards, the public had a chance to join in a raffle for a small monetary prize to thank them for their support of all the week long events with a total number of students attending reaching 337.